Stanza Cinta

Stanza Cinta will begin publication TV3 every Sunday, beginning June 19, 2011 at 9:00 pm for 13 episodes. Read the synopsis of Drama Love stanza ni tau! Love stanza drama series adapted from the novel with the same title written by stanza You talented young writers, Nurull Halawati. To buy a novel stanza cinta , can deal Nurull Halawati own blog and get a discount of 10%.
this stanzas Love Drama line-up of leading actor Aaron Aziz as a character Irfan Nur Amni Fathia as Sorfina and Fizz Fairuz as Taufik to take the lead as the main character plays the latest issue of Grand Brilliance and also as a director Kamarudin Along Stanza Cinta Drama.

Amni Sorfina (Nur Fathia) is a young tough, gentle and caring. As a teacher of religion, Amni Sorfina best become righteous and not run away from trials and dilemmas of life. Irfan character (played by Aaron Aziz) as a very loving fiancee Amni Amni the noble and sincere. Irfan good young, handsome and rich, but less knowledge of religious teachings, rather spoiled and can not be independent. While Taufik character (played by Fizz Fairuz) is the first love Amni. Taufik is quite knowledgeable and well versed in theology and has gladdened the hearts of Amni.
How does the plot of this narrative drama stanza Love? Do Amni will continue the relationship with her ​​fiance Irfan or fight her first love with Taufik? Get a story by watching the trailer below stanza Cinta Share
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