Stanza Cinta Episod 1

Stanza Cinta Episode 1, What kind? dah habituate to the stanzas of love episode 1? Average commented on facebook was not satisfied just look at the wink dah hour, once a week again haha .. dah nak create a range where it is broadcast time

Amni is a poor girl who depend on money please help PTPTN our other features. So, he goes where our other features supply the bread is always present in her bag. Auni, a tomboy girl who realize the difficulties of living Amni first luxury throws him to get attention. Auni save big secret about the lesbian love of Amni. Therefore, any movement of Amni in his guard without in the know. Aaron Aziz as a character trying to lure Amni .. Irfan Irfan has tried various ways to get attention Amni .. Amni ni but also the type of hold on to his stance .. Until there Stanza Cinta episode 1,
Stanza Cinta episode 2 is also subject to wait what kind of style storyline ni .. Share
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