Juvana Episod 8

Juvana Episod 8. greetings to all readers valued more handsome and pretty - quite pretty (bodek wince) hohoho! Tonight as usual drama at digerami public Juvenile TV3 will broadcast the exact 9 pm ini.this Drama series are gaining audience, because the plot and the story grows more interesting and a lot of questions -This problem was first resolved before exactly.
In this episode, the boys ni Juvenile female school counselors Receive a teacher named Miss ZakiahMs is a relatively good Zakiah Teachers by counseling.But, after a report at the school.This teacher Bullied and manipulated by the Bald and his friends.
This week audiences will be exposed to the Juvenile series with the story of a black happened in the past on some of the characters in the drama This is about the past Apek, Ketchup and the Gaban make them get stuck in the problems - social problems that brought them into this juvenile school. Not to forget This episode was likely to be answering questions on Daim Kedah
at last week's episode of whether they have met beforethis. So, for watch Juvana Episod 8 please View this Blog Share
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