Film 8 Jam

Film 8 Jam
Review of the film 8 Jam. Banduan end of the story of a man who bit psycho named Alang. He had been killed, and the case is not alleged by makwenya namely Julia. Could it be that the couple also Korang psycho? Where you know .... Hehe ...

Movie ads ni he had had a stage play kat la long, but not out ... maybe because Ahmad Idham and David Teo rowdy to? Aha, it memandai je.

Whatever the film's story ni in the good by Shaheizy Sam, Yana Samsudin and performers crowded again additional Mig-performers.

Beginning of the story is Alang, a final banduan living Film 8 Jam before he was hanged to death for killing error. In his last eight hours, he told the employees that keep the policy he (Eizlan Yusoff) why he killed
It was so ala2 flashback then cam Slumdog Millionaire. Alang, a young fruit seller in the market have lost their mother and father. He became wild. Dihantar to house the fatherless, he is making love to Julia. But the beauty of it is not long, Alang then returned to the market in the region killed his mother.

Is that so padaJulia? how about a grudge Alang kat Along2 it? And why Alang could kill? all will be answered when you watch Film 8 Jam
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