Barbie Forteza

Barbie Forteza .happy with Barbie Forteza binalita close at the end of Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts. Until the month of May Daw they just replaced them with other raw show. One year and five months that they worked together raw tweens in that show. For Barbie, the Tween Hearts all started for their tweens.
"Though we have done other shows Joshua [Dionisio] like First Time and Stairway To Heaven, in Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts hard we actually met many people. "There formed the team we love to JoshBie Joshua. Had been done by others such as KrisJoy [Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching] and JaBea [Jake and Bea Vargas Binene].

"Then we all became close. When to start the Tween Hearts, yet we too were acquaintances except Jake and Bea, and I like them so inexperienced Kristoffer, Joyce, Derrick [Monasterio] Lexi [Fernandez], Louise [de los Reyes]. In the tapings we just became close all. " On to say that her scheduled taping the last day they, who wept that they raw as raw as the day which will include them in such a show.

Barbie Forteza  Biography
    * Complete Name : Barbara Ambas Forteza
    * Birth Place : Binan City, Laguna, Philippines
    * Birth Date : July 31, 1997
    * School : St. Michael’s
    * Family :
    * Lovelife : No official boyfriend yet although she is rumored to have a secret admiration for co-star   Joshua Dionisio. See update in their relationship
    * Showbiz Career : She is under the management of GMA Artist Center. Playing the role of the young Jodi in the Stairway To Heaven series was her first role as an actress. Aside from her TV shows, she is also fast becoming a favorite model for commercials.

Barbie Forteza Picture without makeup 
Barbie Forteza height.Bea plays Barbie’s elder sister since she’s taller at 5 ft. tall while Barbie is only 4’10”. “At least, sisters na kami ngayon,” says Bea. “When we first worked together in ‘First Time’, contravida lang ako sa kanya as the leader ng mean girls in our school with Barbie Forteza.

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