Nora Danish

Nora Danish Mohd Hanif, better known as Nora Danish is a Malaysian actress who is known for leading roles in a series of local comedy Princess Princess. Rajasthan's son was married to Rizal Ashram Ramli Toh Young, the son of the President of the Parliament of Malaysia, Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, on 20 June 2006 but separated in July 2008. At that time, Nora was pregnant two months. This beautiful actress has been blessed with a little boy, Rizal Ashram Ramli Rayqal Putra on January 7 2009.Cuti Holidays Love is the latest romantic film starring Nora Ahmad Idham direction along Farid Kamil

nora danish punca ady putra bercerai noble son is not the reason for filing divorce korang. I think speculation nora this noble cause of divorce arises when some pictures nora and noble in Mecca spread across the internet. Hit pulak audiences love with both of them in a close relationship drama about first Dhia, lagilah this rampant speculation.   

Nora Danish
However, today the noble Published articles appear to explain this case There were a few new pictures  Nora danish dalam majalah glam mei 2012 where these photos sexy symbolized by more fans than any of his previous pictures.
In a few pieces of the Nora Danish Foto  impose a bit of satin dress gives sexy imagination to any individual who see.
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