Demonstrasi pelajar UPSI

Demonstrasi pelajar UPSI. In the event of the morning before, 15 students involved with the FREE UPSI and SMM were arrested by police after they refused to disperse and crashed into the Federal Reserve Police Force who is assigned control of the situation at the front gate of UPSI. In the offensive also, two students of Duncan from the University of Safwan and Amar Rasyidi injured 
 A video posted on YouTube since the demonstration of a collection of unlawful prosecution recommendation Solidariti Student Malaysia (SMM) in Education Universiti Sultan Idris (UPSI) describes the scene early Sunday morning melee when it sets policy..

However video over eight minutes away it does not show respect to a collection of students attacked the policy as it is charged with many parties. away on the fourth
minutes shows Video Demonstrasi pelajar UPSI  the state-riot collection of first applies where experts regarding kekecohan act sparked by denying the policy directives.
Before this dissident political leaders and activists charged bahawa some students were beaten after the reluctant party policy rather than associations regarding bersurai.
Proved clearly shown in the demonstration in front of the gate at dawn UPSI, keterujaan kerana received the highest endorsement than Pakatan Rakyat leaders, especially PKR, encourage students who do not consider future before them, act to blacken the face of their own.Demonstrasi pelajar UPSI source : and
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