Maharaja Lawak Mega Final

Final Maharaja Lawak Mega
Maharaja Lawak Mega Final. Many think, the most intense competition in Lawak Mega Emperor (MLM) so far, of course, between the group and Boboi Osbon. Come up with the idea of ​​belly tickling jokes, the second group mentioned MLM will take home the trophy, the MLM finale, Friday.
Even in the semifinals last Friday MLM, at the Indoor Stadium Karachi Town Council saw the most prominent Boboi Osbon and perform two tasks in the film adaptation of the classic theme and an independent concept.
When the Osbon lined Os and Abon appearing on stage, the audience had laughed heartily to see their style as Garlic and Onion. Posted embroidered with accents of earthy language 'Java' Garlic (Abon) who refused to lend the cradle to the Garlic (Os) to win the Prince Royal, menggamatkan atmosphere.
Finish the presentation with the action of Onion called his mother, who is also 'kaloi fish, "proves this group to make homework well enough to be a good line drawing praise from the jury.
The second round of performances with the theme of family life stories Osbon also does not disappoint with the life of a grandfather with his grandson with a background prop huts in nearby rubber plantation.
Commenting on the competition finals Maharaja Lawak Mega, Osbon not want to admit too focused on the question of who would be called champions. On the other hand want to continue to provide much better performance to the audience in attendance, including the competition jury.
"Who shall be called the champion is too subjective to think. There is no formula to do something next to its own success.
"Even the Osbon using all the experience there. My own approach to interact with the world of entertainment and art enthusiasts homeland through other social networking site Facebook to make site Youtube to equip homework before the second show every week, "said Os.
Clearly Os whose real name is Mohd Yusof Abdul Hamid, the purpose of participation in the MLM Osbon group is to prove to the previous generation that comedians are still able to compete even if silence is sometimes seen in the world of entertainment. for wacth final Maharaja Lawak Mega only Astro Warna
"Osbon goal is not winning or losing. If you are destined to drop out of the competition, we just want to be removed in dignity as a result of hard work through the presentation displayed for fans to vote.
"I believe success comes from hard work. Osbon want to show the new generation, that the comedian long as we still can compete with the new comedians. In MLM, we want to be on the fresh funny line with what the new generation wants, "he said.Asked about the performances at the end of the MLM, Os declined to elaborate, but will continue to provide what is best for the audience and jury.
"Osbon will do a good job. Currently, we do not know what I do presentations. To think and find ideas to create a comfortable blend of performance public viewing, "he said.
Meanwhile, Abon real name, Sharizan Ahmad did not want to promise, but want to play at the long-awaited by the audience at various stages of life in Maharaja Lawak Mega Final next week.
"From the first week we want to see the situation of identifying what the audience wants. We do funny funny stage show followed by 'slapstik' for the audience to follow what I see.
"Until the fourth week of performances, people want to see me outside the norm. That's why I became a bride, groom and Os so, "he said.and dont Forget Wacth Live video Maharaja Lawak Mega Final on Youtube
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