Datin Ghairah

Datin Ghairah. Firstly I congratulated my crew at Datin Passionate reasons as per date of writing this review, check the website at Finas he quotes of RM0.36 million. At least he got out of the bottom three film collection 2011 which is still held by Look-Look What (0:19 million), Toyol Naughty (0:19 million) and the Queen of the Movie (0.20 million).

Second, I do not know why he Datin Passionate title, may charm. It represents the story not so. But really the kind of coat I hesitate to buy a ticket, who would tear tersengih2 tu ticket. For me, Malaysian still got manners and a little shy at benda2 essentially buy porn camni, lagi2 things going tu see my movie. And then after the war virtually all bed scene about Love waves, last week ni tu cite plaque out .. what do you expect? Maybe it Sex Sells, but not the film in Malaysia ni, pirate CDs may be

Datin Ghairah. Ghairieyah Datin  or better known as Datin Ghairah is the widow to the late Datuk Mahfuz, a prominent business in Malaysia. Emelda Emelia and two children is a result of their partnership for almost 20 years bersama.Setelah almost two years, Datin Ghairieyah widow status, he rose to continue the legacy business empire her late husband. Sufyan, who was close friends late Datuk Mahfuz very hard trying to lure Datin Ghairieyah perniagaannya.Akhirnya interest Ghairieyah Datin relationship with Sufian more intimate. The acts and attitudes of subtle Sufian least not at the heart of compromising Datin Ghairieyah

Datin Ghairah
True winner in the film is Maria Farida. Film as a platform for him to show you who he is. Posted at hot, cun and singles, this film certainly does not make men the watch Maria Farida, including action-Maria Farida terhenjut2 ride in the early scenes in the film that I do not need to exist in the story ni, but the reason I highlighted how hotnya ni Maria , the scene exists.
In terms of storyline, I felt a bit shameful appearance when at the end of the story is Aaron and Joey Posted undercover police. They say I gempak la, the audience was shocked and dramatic budget. Ye really surprised, because many crazy scenes as police deny diorang. Among the new read newspapers to know that the ad so the teacher in Langkawi then want to apply, I thought all things ni dah well-planned by the police? Diorang cam ni saw a desper homeless looking for money. Posted struggle I make-up Aaron and Aaron struggle while diorang ni want to impersonate a police state, just look at Big Momma bit hard. Another thing, Derus Lee JAP duplicate keys home, I dock it two people je tu Posted, Credits police were spying on, so things will not duplicate key the house cam overlooked? It's the police who called you, but messy camtu. Posted at Aaron tu is disguised,
also if not the police Derus Lee Posted takpe
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