Kang gomyeowoo

Kang gomyeowoo. Sueokwon prosecutors who impose the surcharge on Kang 'No gongsogwon'
Are likely to make a decision conveyed to the audience of the knee Tosa Park rose.
Kang retired the last nine days, and the declaration was broadcast on the weekend KBS2 'Happy Sunday -1 night 2 days', as well as SBS 'nerves of steel' 'stockings', etc. viewership had dropped slightly. Signs of this weekend entertainment '1 Night 2 Days' the ratings dropped dramatically. The 11th televised '1 Night 2 Days' is a record of 20.7% viewership last week (24.4%) compared to 3.7% point fell. Concurrent time line # 1 viewership barely kept naetda
[Hangyeongdatkeom economic team news and press releases]
As netizens Kang 1人"The gomyeowoo" many
Kang Ho Dong as soon as written on tax evasion charges, and two chose a simple
Verity has reacted so
"Ignorant Kang is ..." "Ladies and gentlemen, I'll apologize," "the number does not reach out laughing shamelessly ..." he decided to retire.
Other celebrities in a similar situation, what did you do with this? Gunipdaebirideung in various situations
Ppeonhadi obvious they had stuck in a series of messy celebrity excuses, blindfolded naemilgi flippers to Aung. To go into hiding.
Kang knew that already, you no longer in front of viewers spent more than ever aware of their family allowance is not.
In the course of tax evasion of tax missing due to a simple mistake wrote stigma
He's quiet, and I know that's a little bit of responsibility is heavy.
He did not make excuses rather than face them go away, and another apology apology and resigned himself.
Kang by two ignorant about taxes, I did not know better, even if the other hand, I think it's a good man is the head.
Apparently, people like the fox into gomgatjiman "gomyeowoo" referred to as.

Per night Every time I look at my work and his behavior patterns, such as bulldozers ignorant outstanding leadership responsibility, but the
People think that the head was very good.
Sees a difficult situation for many people to persuade his brother-profit we work to overcome by a superior vocabulary
Exercise was simple ignorance one person not having a clever persuasive.
Kang's sincerity + persuasive biasing toward the viewer's mind I thought I already like No convictions.
However, if the TV Kang seems that the world was not funny. Nophi him the truth, and a bold decision and would like to evaluate. Kang gomyeowoo^ ^ Share
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