Drama Gemersik Kalbu

Drama Gemersik Kalbu. The story of the love Raihana teacher is engaged to Wan Ariffin. Wan for rescuing a drowning boy. Posted at Raihana teacher lost someone very close to him, he depends on you and Wan Ariffin over the years, and the family very well and consider Wan Raihana like their child. Raihana not very close with his own mother, but he and his mother relationship is very awkward. 

This Sinopsis Drama Gemersik Kalbu Raihana studying part time with best friend Kak Shikin, they stay at home Aunty Zarina, that is where she knew about Sufyan. Early introduction, Raihana not like the appearance and behavior Sufian. But Sufian had fallen in love at Raihana. pelakon drama gemersik kalbu Raihana still can not forget his first love Wan Arifin. Raihana who do not like to Sufian determined to move house because I hate to Sufian. Sufyan began to set traps to Raihana be married. 

Finally Raihana and Sufian also marry a wife .. all Sufyan, he saw the goodness and sincerity Sufyan, as her husband. Perhaps the feelings of love to Sufian and Raihana Sufyan had jugak care at the hospital when sick Sufian. Once Sufyan, healthy, Raihana do is take care of the sick mother pulak although his mother treated him with coarse. Raihana try to close this long distant relationship with his mother.last info on this sinopsis Gemersik kalbu
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