Filem Aku Bukan Tomboy

Filem Aku Bukan Tomboy. This film tells the story of a girl named Farisa or Eisha who worked tomboy who was raised by his father after losing his mother since childhood. Starting from a full-time schooling with suspicion kerana frequently harassed by some students 'pengkid' between Bell and Sam. 
Farisa school pressures experienced prompted him to change himself as a berpesonaliti aggressive and rude. Although the exact style of a man but still has the instincts Farisa as a real girl. Disposition sebegini berterusan so into his work as a conductor of natural pizza. Problems arise when Farisa first surprised by the appearance of two bachelors namely Harry and Burn are eager to link up with her special. 
Harry was an interpreter in advance selling interweave intimate relationship with Farisa and then felt the defendant when Burn emerged as a competitor who sparked the struggle between them to get Farisa. In the same period Farisa also berdepan with distinction darjat conflict and Burn position as Senior Executive in the IT infrastructure father who complicate their relationship In addition, Farisa by chance met initially with Bell and Sam who is a co pengkid scramble to make it as their partner. Conflicts love these three differing aspects have colored notes Farisa life namely the tomboyish girl. The question is whether the sacrifice is required in the dilemma of romance Farisa. Aku Bukan Tomboy
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