Maharaja Lawak Minggu 1

 Maharaja Lawak Minggu 1. Tonight starting Mega funny emperor who had the audience waiting. like the previous events of this comedy event was able to win sympathy for the thousands of spectators. if the audience before the Emperor only from malaysia in this first week of the emperor akandi funny to watch three countries, namely, malaysia, singapore and indonesia.

           for all fans of the emperor funny looks when participants Maharaja lawak Mega Minggu 1 Posted in Astro colors. About who is winning the Mega Lawak Emperor. Emh saya pun can not guess because I have yet to see the appearance of the Mega Lawak darai Participants Emperor.

But I believe the participants Emperor sure is funny Mega otai from participants emperor funny. As Peserta Maharaja Lawak Mega  is:

Pimai ( Sathiya, Imuda, dan Mat Over)
Hiro (Hamdan, Ilya, dan Ropie)
Boboi (Afdlin Shauki dan Harun Salim Bachik)
Anje (Achong dan Joey)
Osbon (Mr Os dan Abon)
Bawal Power (Bob Kuman dan Sobri)
Rap (Aziz Kota, Pak Lah, dan Rama)
Comel (Radhi Khalid dan Bell ngasri)
3G (Yassin, Didie Alias, dan Enot)
Syok (Suhaimi, Ifa Raziah dan Arif Sudin)
Gebu ( Hani dan Azian)
Bawel (Dodon Jambul, Amin Bawel, Dadang Ragas)
Lanun ( Jegan, Elyas dan Saiman Al Farisi)
Saehu (Eko, Bocil dan Vicha)
Caer (Adeteo, Mister Ibo dan Lugiana)
For the loyal fans who can not be  watch live Maharaja Lawak Mega in the same color as my astro. Can see the video Maharaja Lawak Mega minggu 1 online at youtube. But we have a little patience until the emperor funny video a mega week in upload to youtube. Although I can not live my watch fixed determination to watch because there are mega funny emperor representation of participants from Indonesia
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