Tahajjud Cinta Synopsis

Tahajjud Cinta Synopsis.Story begins with the story of the Citra Maisarah friends (played by Alphard), Series (Fouziah Gous) can not run away from love and affection. Citra has fallen in love with Azihan (played by Shah Jazle) a man who very firmly to the religion. Emelda (sister of Citra) there is a problem with her boyfriend and he is very weak to mengahadapi problems in love.

Image and return to Malaysia and Sri Citra promised in applying himself to defend the rights of women from male oppression. In  Drama Tahajjud Cinta  Citra jugak want to prove to his family that he would fight for the rights of oppressed women in the time nowadays. Citra jugak want to fight for the rights of the oppressed by her sister, brother-in-law.

While the Series has fallen in love for the first time, but somehow, and he had to sacrifice to get married and become the fourth wife of a teacher. DJ pulak ni father Solahudin (Remy).Can Imagery and Solahudin, save Series (Fouziah Gous) from becoming the fourth wife. Solahudin not want to be a rebellious child. Until when Solahudin bear to see her father alive in the evil, using religion for the sake of lust. And this Tahajjud Cinta Trailer
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