FLAT 3A, Screening went yesterday to invite the story Flat 3A . Already last Tu dialogue send my best not make sense MIGONLINE . So if you want to see stories or films can MIG ushar diorang blog because there are all sorts of activities. 'Not Me But Sure'. Yesterday blogger I know that there are 3 people je JMR , Hazman and Ujang (can picture Intan Ladyana to bang haha).

Ni is another horror film that I saw after Karak issue KRU Productions. The extent of life horror story that surprised me was Kurafat. What if we treated the synopsis:

Story begins with the death of a father who disantau. Then it continues with the story of a girl who dropped her Fiqh because her boyfriend would not accept birth. Because he was often harassed the bombers want to move home Fiqh. Thus began his life in a flat Fiqh called Flat 3A . Jurisprudence has been invited by another friend to sit in a dwelling house owned by the medicine man named Kang Suman.

There until I can talk, reason je Film Flat 3A ni ni kang out more stories you do not go to the cinema pi. Ni confession of my faith. Ni is the first story that can make my eyes closed. Karak Kurafat with je I saw it simply. Comments Moreno Bean :

* Story ni beb was added horror of darkness effek tu my flat. But right there, no repair kumuniti apasal eyh lights. Sayapun never hang my Sita Keramat Wangsa Flat dark until like that. Possible effects of the dark horror tu nak coat.

* If I tu Fiqh so I do not sit at home the worst live like that. UPDATED imagine the spider web punyalah last many ready tu no mask mask rider (indon version). That is one thing I was wondering why he was able to sit in a tu.

* As a Muslim, when in the new house we have to read the worst takpun Yassin was already made a firewall 4 corners. This condition for a good home he is. But in the case story house ni tu dah la live longer even read the Fatiha tu takde pulak selampa sleep.

* It has Malay ghost movie I saw all the same properties of course there are too bold. I know other things like ghosts Posted ushar and see. If follow real life with the devil we do not be too bold and not be too afraid.
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