Drama Tahajjud Cinta

Drama Tahajjud Cinta in Slots Zehra  TV3 viewers will meet from July 8 (Friday), the drama Tahajjud Cinta in Slots Zehra  replaces Kerenamu Laila and drama TV  Love Tahajjud  Slots Zehra  ni can be a phenomenon seems to love it  Nur Kasih.

Why? Ok, just look at the cast drama Tahajjud Cinta ni. We have the Alphard, Fouziah Gous , Eman Manan, Remy Ishak, Shahz Jaszle, Tiz Zaqyah, Aaron Aziz, Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Shamsudin and Neelofa jeans and many other great actors, great coat!

Visitation days when I do that, there are between actorsThis  Drama Tahajjud Cinta   all the make umrah . But, I just find Fouziah Gous and Fazreen (Spa Q) je. Others, did not see  involved. Mecca was not the right small. hehehehe!

Good. The more Islamic oriented dramas near present-day Malaysia . It all started with Nur Kasih right? God bless you. Recently, ni, Drama Book of Love it is screened on TV Al-Hijrah and Friday ni  Drama Tahajjud Cinta  pulak. Nice!

Questions actors who hold religious figures in dramas ni, and relatively "open" beyond that, no need for large I exaggerate so. It is sinful, but that was the case with God. We ni who wants to pass laws? We are in a Drama Love Tahajjud , actors can not be the same fate like before.

Do not find the sin free to insult people. Look ye jelah  Drama Tahajjud Cinta tu. hahahaha! Pray, good my diorang all. Jomlah, read Tahajjud Love Drama Synopsis. Do not forget Watch Tahajjud Cinta to start July 8, Friday 9 pm ok. Happy viewing!
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