Dunia Kita

Dunia Kita - an eight-episode drama ranging a fashion student named acting Scha Rania Al Yahya in the surf and the various dilemmas of life to pursue dreams, friendships and love relationships. Zara was an indifferent appearance to succeed as a singer. But he finally accepted the advice of Rania to improve the messy style. While Aliff a book worm but have interesting personalities and undemonstrative love for his own. While Daniel digilai all women was a college Casanovas. In addition, Aressa an antagonist, he was challenged by the presence of Rania and willing to do anything to destroy the world. Various current behavior of college life can be seen in every Dunia Kita episode of this comedy drama that will be entertaining the audience hearts. Rania will be personality like Carefree.
 A person who beryakinan, happy, cheerful and unique fashion talent, as well as Carefree spontaneous persona. Therefore, Rania was a young girl who wants to be a fashion designer whether there is any obstruction. Full of confidence, positive, cheerful and interesting person. So dont forget watch Dunia Kita Episod 1
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