Mimi Mencari Cinta Episod 1

Mimi Mencari Cinta Episod 1, Mimi, 25 years old, a charming girl and worked in a Pasaraya must find his life partner as quickly as possible, while it hosts a 'hypermarket' leads two children to work at it cawangan
However, enthusiasts certainly be somewhat difficult to see their double-bladed paddle bergandingan both there through the drama or film Tempatan.

Mimi Mencari Cinta Episod 1, In fact, last time seen bergandingan Scha and Early joint is titled Prebet menerusi telefilem Jamilah. In telefilem, they also perform in a play as lovers.

Review of the case, Scha encountered in the game frees your talent search Carefree Girl tells bahawa he sememangnya mahu evasive to perform in a play at her lover's side.

"Before this is indeed a lot of bids menggandingkan mahu perform in a play that I and the Beginning, but we actually have a principle-namely seboleh bolehnya evasive perform in a play together.Regarding the latest developments as this, Scha tell, he had just completed a simple depiction bersiri 13 episode drama  Mimi Mencari Cinta
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