Bini-Biniku Gangster

Bini-Biniku Gangster films are landing  Bob Hasim Ismail, scriptwriter by Yana Samsudin & Fadzil Zahari and his publisher by David Teo from Metrowealthpictures. This film is a genre of action and comedy  by Shaheizy Sam: Herry (Main Actor), Yana Samsudin: Spoiled (Main Actor), Intan Ladyana: Reanna (Main Actor), Zul Handyblack: Muza (Actor Helpers)

Synopsis Bini Biniku Gangster
Spoiled and Herry was a husband and wife who love each other very romantic and loving. For Herry, Manja is a wife and the queen a good home. Spoiled cuba Sedaya effort to hide identitinya as a chairman of a collection of gangsters. Dipejabat, Herry often dibuli by Mat Only, but every time Herry Mat Only dibuli surely will receive in return. Perkahwinan those who are aged 2 years it still has not given due Spoiled children who have had abdominal injuries due to past stories, make the taste go awry Spoiled ago cuba find a wife who can give the dear child to her husband. He also was to divert attention from knowing aktiviti Herry outside the busier after the title of chairman of the region, in addition the region is often plagued by enemies Min Siam.

Spoiled apply Reanna, Herry sepejabat new movement to become honey. Although perkahwinan Redha with her new husband, far corner of his feelings of jealousy seeing Reanna intimacy and Herry. Then shall apply the cold war between the Manja and Reanna home. They're fun fight, arrived - arrived Herry disappearing. The second two were trying to find honey evenly Herry in place, rushed to the enemy Spoiled Min namely Siam, kerana khuatir Herry collection experts kidnapped Min Siam. So Dont Forget In cinema 21st September 2011 Bini-Biniku Gangster
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