Al-Hijab. Rafael (Pierre), an actor who did not believe at all about ghosts pounds. There is a tu he can offer the main character for a horror film acting. He tried to appreciate the character is ... But, unfortunately Rafael tal jugak bole2 internalize the fear. Satisfied he was trying to be feared but to no avail. but he is assisted by family girlfren Rafael to 'chance' makhlus fine if hijabnya opened. Wow Posted at Tetibe strange message he could send her to go somewhere. Only in the hijabnya will be opened. 

Once arrived at the place said, Rafael met by an elderly aunt with her daughter. Of coz it right strange aunt die, go into the jungle Posted pulak tue .. I have a chapter so see ghosts, all hit. There is an old aunt began to open the veil Rafael. From blurring of vision, slow to slow Rafael finally Al-Hijab able to see something awesome

He was quite happy to mingle fear. Rafael asked one day for him to use the 'advantage' is in itself to appreciate the purpose of her acting roles. Kinds of cases occur in 24 hours is tue Return back to his home, took almost 24 hours hijab opened Rafael elderly aunt back home to close up the hijabnya. Berjayakah Rafael  closed back Al-Hijab ?
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