Senario The Movie Ops Pocot

Senario The Movie Ops Pocot. publisher of our country, David Teo is a white person says all out to publish it in films. Recently, Metrowealth (MIG) will feature scenario for the film's 47th issue titled Senario The Movie: Ops Pocot . The film will be directed by Bob Hasim Ismail, and this is the second command after the film Ngangkung. Bob Ismail Hasim (IBH) is one of the directors in the Young Director Scheme MIG 10. Scenario The Movie: Ops Pocot will start shooting on June 24, 2010 in the city of Malacca. 

Actress film scenario The Movie: Pocot Ops  that will ensure the success of  is Mazlan Pet Pet, Azlee Jaafar, Wahid, the Mas Muharni, Diana Amir, Sasqia, Kamal Adli, Hairul Azreen, Shahfiez, Alex Yanz and many others. The scenario this time the film was not a continuation of a previous film namely Scenario Senario The Movie Episode 2: The Beach Boys

IBH has obtained the services of the Volunteer Corps (REAL) in making a movie Senario The Movie: Ops Pocot times as a movie scenario would require the three young men to enter the camp scenario conducted by the REAL motivation. Various incidents that occurred when they underwent their motivations include introduction of three women who participated in the camps. While waiting for This the film Senario The Movie:  Ops Pocot  was released, The Expendables awaited film that will meet you at the cinema Aidilfiti later on the day
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