Juvana Episod 9

Juvana Episod 9. At this time witnessed the episode and Kicap Gaban Daim for help to write letters to their families expressed their regret and apologized to the parents in addition to promising to turn into a better human being. So, Daim ask for help girls makcik cantina (anyway, I forgot his name) to hide the paper and pen to help Gaban and Kicap.

Dato (Kuswadinata) also told cikgu King (Bront Palarae) 2 people to call the original stooge before it is fired namely Cikgu zakiah and Joni (safety guards are fierce) so submissive school back in the Wira Bakti. Cikgu Ariffin (Beto) who hates women because - because of a divorce with his wife before it is very not like when heard the news about the return of Cikgu zakiah over there. Daim also been arrested by Joni in the cafeteria because - because hiding the paper and pen. So, they were all fined for the day with a workout coach repeatedly.

Chickens knows that Gaban and Kicap first kind with Daim and Apek then report it to Baldy. Bald feel tercabar kerana assume bahawa Gaban and then he defected Kicap mmukul them half to death. Then, they both headed to search for Daim that while it in practice debates with Cikgu zakiah, Apek and Kedah.

When Chickens hear a debate between Daim and Kedah on disposal KES baby then he remembered about the past history of throwing the baby of his relationship with his girlfriend when the school first because - because the second two - they ignored their families - each. When I heard it arrived - he arrived early tersedar and piping to know why his school and at cuba to change. When Baldy also has entered the gym to hit Daim debate because - because of a sense of defendants in a way that made the slave Daim - another slave hormatkannya not first.hat's a little review of juvana episode 9

For  drama Juvana episode 10 audience later in the week before will be shown how Chicken namely the far right to oppose the early Baldy Bald, how to deal with zakiah Cikgu Cikgu Cikgu Raja Ariffin and who do not like his presence, and surprises than Kedah who told Daim bahawa he knew who the killer Daim's mother. So, do not forget to watch the drama bersiri Juvana episode 10 the week before on the same day and time only on TV3 /
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