Sepah Juara Maharaja Lawak 2011

Sepah Juara Maharaja Lawak 2011, After 13 weeks of play, eventually triumphed Lawak Maharaja champion title belongs to a collection of Sepah if they obtain the highest markup, in a match that took place at Stadium Malawati, here Friday night

Sepah consisting victory than Mamat, Shuib and Jep make proper money they bring home a cash prize of RM350, 000 and a trophy donated Astro.Event naib champion also won by a collection Jozan (Johan and Zizan) by accepting the prize money in cash as much as RM250, 000 along with a trophy when Nabil gets third place with prize money in cash RM150, 000 and a trophy.

However, a collection of dianggotai Guava by Yus and employer was forced to get along with the fourth position on the ladder. They got the money in cash as much as RM50, 000 along with trophies.

All participants want to make the final ranking of the two offerings are free, and comedy-themed concept muzikal.

The participants were judged by pemarkahan system, each of which represents 50 peratus draw viewers at home as well as judges rather than Mamat Khalid, Ahmad Idham and Saiful Apek. Meanwhile, to review their victory Sepah say, they are also faced with the problem of finding ideas every time to make offerings.

However attitudes sentiasa mahu talking together is the formula that sets triumph. "Our Idea stuck too but thankfully with the help of Him (God), we can issue a good idea," they said.Prizes to the winners presented by the Executive Channel Color & Astro Prima, Nizam Sani. visit this blog for more about Sepah Juara Maharaja Lawak 2011
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