filem Klip 3GP

Sinopsis filem Klip 3GP. One of the actors Mimi ONE heard in the film played Mimi nude and plays lead character is praised for good girls bad as if he had been acting. In the filem Klip 3GP Akhtar Maya Mimi holds a violent character, and so the killer. So whether we next see the filem Klips  3GP is either be accepted or in criticism by the audience with babaknya that there is some element of violence and pornography. The film is expected to be in theaters on October 13, 2011.

Synopsis Filem Klip 3GP 
Movies Klip 3GP carelessly written by Aliza combines four narrative that has its own story. Eddie the first stories about successful internet business at the age of early 20's. The second story of the Maya Akhtar, a journalist who is committed to a career, a victim of intimidation Sunny with a video recording of their affair.

The third is the story about Solar, Mina and Zakiah, three teenage girls who travel to find entertainment weekend in Kuala Lumpur. Unexpectedly, the night became an event as horrific as they hunted being awful.

While the last story of Sandra, a student who is a victim of sexual flagellation by Prince Jefri. One day, Sandra was raped en masse by a motorcycle gang consisting of Sandra Prince Jefri and his own natural brother of the Burn. Gang rape incident was captured on camera phone Jefri.

Life of different characters eventually linked by pembocoran embroidered and Klip 3GP  them to the community through the internet and the world they met in a dramatic climax.

In the film Klip 3GP, Mimi pelakonnya. One Nation Emcees are acting with them former members of the group, Mohamed Mohamed Murtaza Fareezan (Kozae), in addition Zahiril Adzim, Tasha Shila, Fikhree Abu Bakr, Adeline Anthony, Amanda Misbun, and Sara Ali . Filem Klip 3GP OST for the film is from the new single, entitled One Nation Emcees psycho
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