Ramadan Terakhir TV3

Ramadan Terakhir TV3. Blessing welcome the presence of a full blessed month of Ramadan, wisdom and TV3 broadcast drama this privilege bersiri Last Ramadan in Samarinda slot that replaces the drama Annissa.
Ungku Aziz Ismail as a director and script writer also published by Radius One. The cast also consists than Esma Daniel, Fazlina Ahmad Daud, Tasha Shilla, Aeril Zafril, and Nur Farhana Eyka Anzalna.

Ramadan Terakhir Hisham told a businessman that debuted trying to guide his wife and children to get back on the right side of Islam. He passed with chronic disease and able to survive a few months ago determined to correct the original course of his life that is so polluted with various sins throughout his life.

Amendments that have been deemed cynical wife who continues to drift lulled Mazni conveniences and keseronokan. What's more pathetic, their son Daniel helped make the association and the treatment indefinitely with girlfriend Rossa.

At the same time Hisham often dreamed of a woman who identified named Khadija who have died. Sister Eve, their housekeeper also decided to finish perkhidmatannya. Emptiness is also going to fill in Sakinah a hooded girl, gentle and strong religious upbringing. Sakinah-making as well as new domestic agenda is implicit in the mission kekeluargaannya Hisham. Who actually Sakinah? What does it mean actually on the contrary the presence of Hisham Khadijah in a dream?

Last Ramadan Know jawapannya in a story full of remorse and conflict bersiaran as many as 15 episodes, every Tuesday until khamis, at 10:30 pm on TV3 so don't Forget Wacth Ramadan Terakhir TV3
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