Drama You Saka Pergi Jauh Jauh Episode 1

You Saka Pergi Jauh Jauh Episode 1 Nia, a secretary of a successful company, believes he has a guardian of the sons who was a princess from the world of fine needle gems named Princess. Nia need your presence to protect her daughter from harassment Glam, perennial that accompany his mother for this. Rosrita, often dying mother, and Nia will be healthy again. Although often called princess nia to come, princess never appeared even in the princess obsession Nia ridiculed by those around him.

You Saka Pergi Jauh Jauh, Far starring Nabil, Eira Syazirah, Fauzi Nawawi, Dynas Mokhtar and AMYZA Adnan, faithful viewers will find TV3 next start June 2, at 9.30pm, landing by Jamal Khan. 13In this episode drama, Nabil holds Adrus character who works as a ghost hunter.For Next Episod watch You Saka Pergi Jauh jauh Episod 2
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