Point Blank Indonesia

Point Blank Indonesia from gemscool is the best-selling online game and a lot of play today, with an estimated his players have reached millions. Despite the fact that Indonesia is a game in the market who edits, but as a true gamers you are obliged to play Point Blank: P Point Blank To play the game you have to have the client automatically advance which can be downloaded here. 
For you who do not know what it was Point Blank following brief explanation Point Blank is a game type of FPS (First Person Shooter), but playing the game as a team. There are two teams here that is red (Kayak army) and blue (rich Police). We went into the room you had to choose one among them. There are several types of games that can be played at point blank Indonesia: 
* Dead Match: Which team most first time get killed or kill a preset amount (typically 100, 140 ff). He is the winner 
* Bomb Mission: red team managed to put a bomb and explode it if this team is the winner. Otherwise the blue team defuse the bomb, if successful, he is the winner. Even so the winner could be determined if there is one team that all members are slaughtered before putting the BOM. 
* Eliminate: Here the team members who massacred up ahead he was declared defeated. 
* Destroy: red team must destroy the blue electricity while destroying the helicopter. Is not it the opposite? Because this type of game rarely does 
* And a special mode that does not star because the more tired of writing paper Ok, please download the client Point Blank and safe play. O yea usually if already playing Pont Blank Indonesia often lose track of time.
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