Drama Kekasihku Puyu

Drama Kekasihku Puyu. tells the story of a husband and wife, Mr. Malek and Lenny who has been given to a baby girl. Strangely, their daughter was born accompanied with a fish climbing perch. Nek Jah (Mak Jah), midwivesvillage birth of a child was climbing perch fish release into a ditch in the village while the baby girl was named Bidasari.

23 years later, Fahmi (Mohd Fazren Mohd Rafi) who was a farm operators in the village was destined to meet with the climbing perch fish. In his dream, strange climbing perch fishing has been asked Fahmi to catch and care for him. Strange with the incident, Fahmi will abide by the fish the next day. After entering the fish into a glass, Fahmi was surprised to find the fish was able to speak. The climbing perch fish suggest that Fahmi keep using seven types of water and having obeyed his command, the climbing perch fish appears as a beautiful girl who can only be seen by Fahmi one.

The girl introduced herself as Bidasari (Intan Ladyana) and narrated his unfortunate to Fahmi. Since the death of mother, father Bidasari, Mr. Malek (Hafizuddin) married Suriati (Zarina Zainuddin) who practice black magic to maintain her beauty and has a plan for grabbing the property of Mr. Malek. After a teenager, Bidasari be a very beautiful and smart and this has been the envy of Suriati. Wisdom Bidasari also makes Suriati and Habib (Rizal Job), a friend sekomplotnya fear their plot failed. As a result, Bidasari kidnapped and enchanted, and return to climbing perch fish.

How the fate Bidasari end and what will happen next? Do not forget to follow the story Drama Kekasihku Puyu
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