Juvana Episod 11

Drama Juvana Episod 11  is a story based on reality of life in which we see now of social phenomena among adolescents is being haunted life of whole communities. But this social problem rather than the offspring come, but coming from different sides.
This Juvana Episode 11  has the power in the story, where he berkisarkan innocent people fall prey to accusations, someone who is somewhere on the wrong one. Menerusi this drama, the audience can see the side of life that is rarely depicted.
Daim was so angry that he felt persecuted kerana piping to school so that it can not escort her anger and attacked Kedah but victorious dileraikan by Apek, Chicken and others - others. On the advice cikgu zakiah then soothed and Cikgu Daim zakiah victorious encounter with the King to ask him Cikgu Daim help. But the king did not Cikgu kerana mahu help for him no matter what benefits he will be acquitted if it helps Daim than the school. However, upon intelligence that Cikgu zakiah cuba cuba manipulate this by saying KES bahawa image Cikgu noble King will be seen if his name emblazoned on the chest akhbar if it helps Cikgu Daim freed the king was willing to help. Thus, recognition than Kedah and Daim dirakam to be used as evidence.
Baldy is also no longer be feared by any kerana sesiapa each - each have mahu no longer live under fear because - because of the overbearing attitude of Baldy and hitting. Komeng also returned to school and received Juvana crowded. Then, Kedah bahawa got one good news he had been released and will be delivered piping into the home for orphans and will then be handed over to a new host family. Daim apologized to Kedah and their return be kind. So dont forget Watch Drama Juvana Episod 11only TV3
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