Regina Istri Charlie ST 12 Tak Rela di Poligami

Jakarta-C & ST 12

Charlie's wife, Regina is now following her husband's footsteps by releasing a single. Charlie very aware, working in the art world of drag votes, must be willing to spend more time with family.

Therefore, Charlie permit Regina, his wife sing with the requirement should not be so professional. The reason Charlie did not want to fall asleep with his wife hobynya sing, to forget the main duty as a wife.

"Because I want baseball to be victims of our marriage work, I told him (Regina) if you are working, I wrote turns that keep the child. So I sing baseball again, you are singing," said Charlie in the studio RCTI, Kebon Jeruk West Jakarta , Friday

To be able to lead Regina duties as a wife without having to set aside his hobby of singing, therefore, for the single song released Regina, no promotion path. "He (Regina), baseball promo tours and other activities," said Charlie.

What did Charlie do not mean. limit the creativity of the wife. But merely the way Charlie wanted to maintain household. "Enggaklah (limit), he's got his own responsibility. Now if he's still working, I look after a child turns. Commitment him as a wife too often I remind you, without all the work I have to limit him," he said.
But the time in the Hot Shot team interviewed by SCTV Regina claimed that he was not willing Then He Married again. In his statement he was not willing in polygamy. but the husband that is charlie premises only laugh at his statement responding to his wife. him polygamy should only be done by a husband who can be fair. not only that there are many more factors that must be met. So I'll probably polygamous he said to the team Hot Shot SCTV. Share
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