Maharaja Lawak Minggu Ke 12 Comingsoon di Stadium Tertutup MBJB

Maharaja Lawak.Underway After 11 weeks of Maharaja Lawak at the Penang International Sports Arena, where the 11 weeks to avoid elimination of the participant. Make all the loyal audience waiting for the Maharaja Lawak the next episode.
Through an official facebook and twitter account Official Maharaja Lawak told that 12 weeks was conducted in Johor Bahru.
"Friday the 12th, we will broadcast live on MBJB Indoor Stadium, Johor Bahru. Pass free passes can be taken on June 17, 2011 at 3pm. The people of Johor and its surrounding areas, prepared by our presence. " (listed on the account up Maharaja Lawak)
Because Maharaja Lawak will be held at the MBJB , Johor Bahru, so little comment about the MBJB. Johor Bahru City Council or Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) is a local authority administrates Which Johor Bahru city center and other areas of the Iskandar Malaysia area. This agency is under Johor state government. MBJB are showroom for public health and sanitation, waste removal and management, town planning, building control and Environmental Protection, Economic and social development and general maintenance functions of urban infrastructure. The main headquarters is located MBJB at Jalan Dato 'Onn in Johor Bahru city center.
So the emperor's loyal fans joke that live around MBJB, Johor Bahru can see directly Maharaja Lawak Minggu ke 12. Share
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