Cinta Melody Review

Sinetron Cinta Melody, Most of the spectators and fans of soap opera love story, sure hope the story will end in the final episode of the happy ending.  sinetron Cinta Melody final episode (episode 36) no le happy ending. Haha! korang continue to feel not like to, if not with the Eagles Melody. Melody Oh come tu cute, why not live with the Eagles?
Why do ye make Melody Love story writer who are not so happy ending. Perhaps this writer want to see the way this story is not "cliche". Want to do suprise ending , other than else want gamaknye. Always be happy ending drama of love story MCM Morning Star and the hero and heroine finally united. Korang not right you can see le Eagles and Melody married in the final episode of this story .. hehe! Love can always be held .. cewahh! Finally Melody along with Raffi (played by Chow Fendy)
Korang feel like any, should the Eagles and Melody together at the end of the story .. what to do right writers and directors want camtu story ..:)
This is a little snapshot of the final episode, in which Bharata boss Melody and Melody (Melody biological father who is suffering from forgotten memories, the original name is lost in kemalanagan Dawn) has been met again.  Eagle was another son Bharata, but mak (Anggika.)
Sorry for the fans of Cinta Melody, there is a mistake, not a son of Bharata Eagle. But the Eagles did not identify the ending state united with Melody. Ending Melody with Raffi.

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